Kick off the New Year with These ACA Resources

ACA REsources

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season has come to a close, and New Year’s resolutions are being set. Everything from health, wellness, travel, and self-care to accomplishing new and bigger goals are all things we’re thinking about right now. Coming up with manageable resolutions can sometimes be tricky, but we always aspire to be our best in the new year. So why not kick off the new year with a resolution to complete a successful ACA year-end process? And I know that may not be something you are thinking of when it comes to resolutions, but accomplishing that goal so early on in the year may help you strive to check those other resolutions off the list. We want to help you achieve and check this resolution off the list, so we’re sharing several ACA resources to help keep you on track.

ACA Manager Checklist

The ACA Manager Checklist is your guide for all things ACA reporting. With updates to ACA reporting requirements and IRS policy, we want to ensure that you are given the support and groundwork you need for the most accurate ACA reporting. The checklist is broken down into six sections to ensure you complete all the required tasks for a successful ACA filing. 

  1. Healthcare plans
  2. Benefit profiles
  3. ACA profiles
  4. Employee information
  5. Reporting that can assist in the audit process
  6. ACA system settings

Access and download the checklist today!

UKG Dimensions® HCM ACA Manager Checklist
UKG Ready® ACA Manager Checklist

Additionally, for UKG Ready ACA Managers, the ACA Checklist is also available in the readyConnect panel to help you keep track of your progress along the way. The panel checklist complements the details in the downloadable version of the checklist on the UKG® Kronos Community.

ACA Webinar

Once again, Heather Stevenson, UKG product manager and ACA guru, provides us with her knowledge and tips on preparing for the ACA reporting and filing process. In the ACA webinar, Heather offers step-by-step guidance on using your UKG solution to prepare for your ACA filing. This one-hour webinar explores:

  • Key ACA terms and definitions
  • An overview of the 2022 forms 1095-C and 1094-C
  • AIR quick dates and facts
  • State-specific filing dates

We also review important resources to support ACA filing efforts to help you stay on top of your reporting to-do list.

Four scheduled drop-in sessions as well as an on-demand version are available to register for in the ACA webinar portal. You just need to create your account and select the session(s) you’d like to access. The drop-in sessions will give you the ability to ask questions while the webinar is running, and our support team will be answering them through the Q&A function.

Additional ACA Resources

The UKG Kronos Community offers an array of additional resources for your ACA year-end needs. 

UKG Dimensions HCM

  • Resources available in your Online Help portal will help guide you through ACA reporting and filing reporting, including:
    • ACA profiles
    • Review of employee ACA timeline and other widgets
    • ACA reports and forms
    • Generating AIR files and AIR submission
  • Access your Knowledgemap site to explore the ACA training for administrators. This training will walk you through creating ACA forms, reporting, and filing.

UKG Ready

  • ACA filing videos and articles
    • Enter a New “Affordable Plan Offered” Percentage in UKG Ready
    • Recalculate All Employees ACA Timelines in UKG Ready
    • Mass Add a Plan Start Month on All 1095s in UKG Ready
    • Mass Print 1095-C Forms in UKG Ready
    • Generate 1094-C Form in UKG Ready
    • Complete an ACA Test AIR Filing for UKG Ready
    • Complete ACA Production AIR Filing in UKG Ready
  • The ACA Manager User Guide is available in your Online Documentation portal (My Info> Help> Online Documentation).
  • The Learning Center (My Info> Help> Learning Center) offers several job aids to help walk you through your ACA forms and files as well as the ACA Onboarding Learning Journey to get you started with an ACA overview, year-end processing, and running ACA reports. 

Now let’s kick it into gear and get a jump start on your easiest New Year’s resolution yet!